Check Vehicle Towing Capacity

To safely Tow any Caravan you should always check the ATM of the Caravan and your Vehicle's Towing Capacity. You can easily find this information in your Vehicles User Manual. If you don't have that information handy you can find out by following the instructions below.

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Step 1: Visit

Go to Research & Value Cars enter your Tow Vehicle Make, Model and Year of Manufacture and click “Search

(For this example we will look for a Jeep Cherokee 2017 Model)

Step 2: Find your Tow Vehicle from Results List

Find your Vehicle from the list, making sure your Tow Vehicle  matches the Vehicle specifications shown on the list and click “more details

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Step 3: Go to Full Specifications

Scroll down to Full Specifications Section and click “Dimensions“. Look for “Towing Capacity (braked) (kg)” This value determines your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity. 

Step 4: Choose your Caravan

Now that you have that information, simply choose your Caravan with a ATM that is the same (or less than) your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity “Towing Capacity (braked) (kg)” You can find our entire range of caravans with ATM information by clicking here.
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